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Democrats Tried To Sneak Through Gun Control Then THIS HAPPENED!

Senate guns

Lawsuits and backdoor “POLICY” from partisan congressional gangsters, aren’t you tired of it? That’s how the left always tries to destroy the 2nd Amendment. This time, GOP senators caught the language and stopped it.

This is utter lawlessness. It really is. For those unfamiliar, the administration just came up with new “guidance” that gunsmiths, most of whom simply repair guns, tinker with guns, as a side-business usually, for fun, that they are “gun manufacturers” and have to now pay more than $2200 a year to the government. I mean, is a car mechanic an auto manufacturer? It’s ridiculous, but what’s more ridiculous is they can just MAKE this crap up, on a whim, no laws passed.

NOW, they are also targeting gun owners in states that legalized marijuana, calling people with marijuana cards illegal drug users who can’t therefore buy guns….AS IF they’re doing that sort of thing to people across the board and denying such people every other federal accesses. They aren’t. They just pick and choose which parts of which laws they like, and which laws they want to reinterpret. It’s lawlessness. And people are just ignoring it.

Senate guns

From Newsmax:

Several Republican senators have sent a strongly worded letter to Secretary of State John Kerry in an attempt to prevent backdoor gun control efforts by the State Department, Breitbart News reports.

The senators, Tom Cotton and Chuck Grassley among them, are upset that the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) is trying to impose new fees and regulations on gun or ammunition related businesses in a back-handed manner that tries to bypass or at least limit the Second Amendment guarantee of the right to bear arms.

The National Rifle Association notes that this hefty fee tries to stymie legal behavior and also threatens to put small commercial gunsmiths out of business.

The senators are especially upset because the DDTC is issuing these directives under the auspices of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), even though the Obama administration promised a reform that would remove firearms and ammunition from DDTC’s purview and transfer it to the more business-friendly jurisdiction of the Commerce Department, Breitbart reported.

The purpose of the reform was to strengthen controls on the most sophisticated defense technologies, while reducing unnecessary regulations on less sensitive items, such as firearms and ammunition.

The letter from the senators demands a specific date by which the reform enabling the transfer of businesses dealing in firearms and ammunition to the Commerce Department would be completed and said that “the last thing [the affected small businesses] need is an edict from the federal government imposing crippling fees and requirements which are wholly unnecessary and nonsensical.”

First and foremost, the State Department has NO authority to impose gun control backdoor or otherwise! Any attempt would probably be cosmetical at best but it shows how Democrats will stoop at nothing to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans.

What really gets me is that they try to pull this while everyone’s head is turned in the elections. That’s some sneaky stuff isn’t it?

What do you think of these Democrats trying anything and everything to take away your 2nd Amendment rights? Share your anger below and let me know what you think of their attempt and how do you feel about the GOP Senators who stopped it.



Comments on “Democrats Tried To Sneak Through Gun Control Then THIS HAPPENED!”

  1. sidearm45 says:

    Of course the lovers of big government, over regulation, and higher taxes want the public disarmed. Look at how they treat us. Most people in touch with reality would balk at the thought of undermining an enumerated Constitutional Right. But liberals see the government as God almighty and their doctrine of infallibility as truth. Thus they can do no wrong. The end justifies the means. They are even confident that some day we will agree with them and thank them for their efforts