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Protesters Broke Into The Senate During Important Vote, And Then Did THIS!

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Well here’s a new tactic! Recently we had the hippie ‘sit-in’. Now this…

Demonstrators protesting the U.S. biotech company Monsanto appeared in the Senate gallery Wednesday afternoon to protest a procedural vote on a bill that would require food packages with genetically modified organisms to be labeled.

Apparently, it didn’t impress anyone on the floor.

From The Hill:

Members of the Organic Consumers Association threw money from the Senate gallery onto the floor on Wednesday to protest a vote on a bill to block states from issuing mandatory labeling laws for foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The protesters yelled “Monsanto Money” and “Sen. Stabenow, listen to the people, not Monsanto” while $2,000 fell to the floor.

The disturbance came during a procedural vote to advance the bill in the Senate. In an email to The Hill, U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki said four people were arrested for the disturbance in the Senate gallery and are being charged with unlawfully demonstrating, a misdemeanor.

The legislation, authored by Sen.Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Sen.Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), allows food producers to use QR codes, or a form of barcode, that consumers scan with smartphones to find out if a product contains GMOs. The codes would come in place of a label that the product was “produced with genetic engineering” — something now required by state laws in Vermont, Maine, Connecticut and Alaska.

Opponents have nicknamed the bill, and others like it, the DARK, or Denying Americans the Right to Know, Act.

The American Conservative Union had a little fun with this incident today when they released this tweet video:

Hillary is paid off by Monsanto. This GMO problem will only get worse once she’s in office!! I hate what our country has become and how money can buy anything evil!

What is happening to this country? Criminals are running for president, mandatory vaccines, poison in our water, food, air? Liberals just having their way whenever they want? I’m saddened and terrified in the world my kids will have to endure.

H/T: ClotureClub

What do you think about The Senate passing this bill? What do you think about this group dropping money on the floor of the Senate.