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Sensitive Liberals Try to Force This Fitness Company to Remove Harmless Ads!

Chalk it up to another win for the anti-freedom, censorious Left.

Protein World, a fitness company in London, has been forced to pull its ads after liberals got their panties in a bunch. Apparently, these ads are deemed offensive because they demean fat people. Oh, and they’re sexist too.

And in the mind of the radical libs, anything offensive to their refined sensibilities must be destroyed. They defaced the ads, as you can see here:


They targeted the company online.

Can you guess the result? Of course you can. The company folded like a deck of cards. The ads were pulled.

Let us know what you think about this company’s cave in below:



  1. William says:

    Sorry without name calling anyone or labeling myself and others i will say yes i agree the add is a bit too much. 1st off the woman has been photo shopped to be a body un attainable by any real woman. 2nd the words are a bit offensive to most women as it demeans them down to a simple body form. Any propaganda should not be purposely pointed at unattainable goals that harm self esteem or health of people. Look if you want to promote bikinis fine put a real woman with a normal body there and say something like Get ready for Summer fun. It is not hard to be responsible and be good people with good core values but these people today are like children running the news and media. They think freedom = do what the frick i want to hell with others and that will NEVER end well for one reason. Your freedom ends where someone elses begins.

  2. Pete says:

    The neo-Nazis spoke and the company cowered.