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SERIOUSLY? Fragile Customer So Offended By Seeing THIS In a Store… They Call 911!

Seriously. This happened. As usual, the politically correct social justice warriors have taken their cause straight into the depths of stupidity. According to a WTNH report, an unidentified individual in Wallingford, Connecticut was so deeply offended by a flea market vendor’s merchandise that they called 911.

Yes, you read that correctly… The individual was so morally offended by a vendor selling collectible Confederate memorabilia that they felt inclined to call the police.

confederate store

The police chief says no one was arrested because no laws were broken; the items were being sold on private property.

Sounds to me like an attention grabbing moment. I wonder if the idea of, “I’m going to get this guy arrested and be on the news and then be famous because I stood up against hate” was going through this customer’s mind when the call was made.

When I am shopping and I see something that offends me I walk past it and ignore it. Anyone so delicate that they begin shaking and nearly vomiting because someone is selling items they find offensive should probably be at home resting.

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  1. Sid says:

    Doesn’t the law there allow them to charge for frivolous calls?

  2. Ron says:

    No where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights are we protected from being “offended”. At any given time on any given day someone will be offended by something. If this insanity continues we will not be able to exercise our most basic freedoms, those of Freedom of Speech, freedom of Religion and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.