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Seriously?! Obama Says This Outrageous Thing After Brussels!!


Despite ISIS killing more than 30 people in a terrorist attack in Brussels this week, President Obama has refused to change America’s strategy to fight ISIS. Instead, the president wants to stay the course as ISIS continues to gain strength across the world!

From NBC News:

A day after terrorists launched a wave of bomb blasts in Belgium’s capital, President Barack Obama was faced with questions Wednesday over whether the deadly attacks have made him rethink his strategy on crushing ISIS — and if he has a “plan B.”

His answers emphasized what he sees as recent successes in the fight to dismantle the terror group, vowing that it would ultimately be destroyed.

But with scores dead and wounded in the heart of Europe’s de facto capital, the president brushed aside critics who say his strategy against ISIS is too cautious against an enemy keen on slaughtering civilians.

“What I have been clear about is when it comes to defending the United States or its allies and our core interests, I will not hesitate to use military force where necessary,” Obama said, deflecting criticism that he’s been too reluctant to deploy U.S. troops on the battlefield.

“But how we do that is important. We don’t just go ahead and blow something up just so that we can go back home and say we blew something up,” said the president, who is making his first official state visit to Argentina.

He would not directly answer a question about whether more attacks are inevitable. But defeating ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for the coordinated carnage in Paris last November as well as in Brussels, is the most pressing issue, he said.

“It is the top priority of my national security team. It is the top priority of our military. It is the top priority of our intelligence officers. It is the top priority of our diplomats,” he said. “But we are approaching this in a way that has a chance of working — and it will work.”

Here’s a report on Obama’s post-Brussels comments:

What do you think of Obama’s weak ISIS strategy? Can we expect him to actually try and defeat ISIS? Share your thoughts below!!