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SF Liberals Protect Women’s Right to Choose… to Abort Girls


What is more important to the Left – taking steps to protect real women or taking steps to prevent imagined racism? Given the choice between saving unborn girls, aborted just because of their sex, or risking insulting an immigrant Asian community, San Francisco has chosen the latter.

The SF Gate explains,

Supervisor David Chiu wants San Francisco to become the first American city to oppose any ban on sex-selection abortions.”

Yes, you read that right. San Francisco wants to become the first city in the United States to allow the murder of female fetuses just because they are female. Aborted for the sin of being a woman. 

Sex-selective abortions have claimed the lives an estimated 160 million girls, and that number counts those just in Asia, where male children are prized over their female counterparts. San Francisco, home to a very large immigrant Asian community, is likely home to many sex-selective abortions, as studies have shown the tendency to abort based on gender comes along with immigrants’ other cultural baggage. Despite studies linking sex-selective abortion to immigrant communities in the United States, Chiu and his four female bill cosponsors are worried about hurt feelings of adult constituents instead of the deaths of unborn girls. Chiu and his bill’s cosponsors are more concerned about possible hurt feelings over the fate of actual female babies.

One would think that this kind of bill, one aimed at preventing more Asian women from coming into the world, would be met with horror by so called “feminists,” especially those of Asian descent, whose numbers are dwindling. Sadly, it is more important to defend and protect even the most abhorrent aspects of a foreign culture than to protect women who would be born American citizens.

In 2011, San Francisco proposed a ban on infant circumcision, a move that would have had serious repercussions for Jewish and Muslim residents, both of whom count circumcision as a vital part of ritual religious life. Chiu, who assumed office in 2009, does not appear to have taken any steps to block this ban, which, unlike a possible ban on sex-selective abortions, would have targeted specific minority groups. It seems a sensitivity to minority cultures only extends to their right to abort their young, not circumcise them.