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Shameful! Rubio Joins Liberals In Attacking Cops During CNN Town Hall!


Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has made it clear he has no interest in becoming president as he just went off on America’s police during a CNN Town Hall Wednesday night!

The Florida Senator sounded more like a member of Black Lives Matter as he claimed that he has felt the “sting of racism” after being allegedly profiled by police.

From Breitbart:

During Wednesday’s townhall, a questioner asked Rubio about race relations in the United States. Although the voter’s question made no mention whatsoever of law enforcement or the police, Rubio was quick to use it as an opportunity to question the racial attitudes of American police. Rubio then proceeded to cite accounts of police targeting minorities. “You talk about race relations, it’s a difficult issue in this country,” Rubio said, “And I know a lot if it is centered around law enforcement and police departments.” Rubio explained that when a young black male is repeatedly targeted by American police officers “for no reason, what is he supposed to think?”

Rubio said that he has personally “seen” minorities targeted by American law enforcement: “In this country [there is] a significant number particularly of young African-American males who feel as if they are treated differently than the rest of society. And here’s the bottom line: Whether you agree with them or not–I happen to have seen this happen–but whether you agree or not, if a significant percentage of the American family believes that they are being treated differently than everyone else, we have a problem, and we have to address it as a society and as a country… I do not believe we can fulfill our potential as a nation unless we address that.”

Should Rubio drop out of the presidential race now that he has shown he sympathizes with the radical Black Lives Matter movement by attacking our police? Share your thoughts below!


Comments on “Shameful! Rubio Joins Liberals In Attacking Cops During CNN Town Hall!”

  1. David says:

    This headline is so far misleading it should be considered a lie. Rubio’s point is that we need change the perception. A small number of actual cases cases can lead to a large negative perception. He said that he witnessed some instances of minorities being treated differently. This does not indict ALL police nor indicate that he sides with BLM protesters and is against all police. HP Clean up your act.