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She Couldn’t Stand What Ferguson Rioters Were Doing to Police – What She Did Was So Brave!


A 19-year-old Ferguson teen has shown a level of courage that liberals in the city could only dream of.

As the city descends into chaos on the one-year anniversary of the Michael Brown crime that led to his death, violence escalating to the point where a state of emergency had to be declared, Lexi Kozhevsky decided she had enough of the attacks on police officers.

An image of Lexi placing herself in front of a line of police officers who were being targeted by Black Lives Matter protesters has gone viral.

In a very brief video uploaded by The Blaze, Lexi explains why she took a stand.

“Look guys, discrimination is a thing and I get it. But we need to stay with the people that protect us and that’s what I’m doing.”

The Blaze also interviewed Lexi:

“Not all cops are bad,” she said by phone. “And that’s just what upsets me. When I call someone if someone robs me, I call the police. They are there to help us.”

“I don’t think all cops are evil based on a few incidents,” the 19-year-old added.

Kozhevsky told TheBlaze that she was fully prepared to bear the brunt of any attacks mounted by protesters.

“I was prepared for the worst,” she said. “It was scary. People were looking at me and making gestures. It was unnerving, to say the least. But sometimes you just have to stand your ground.”

Lexi went on to explain that violence isn’t the way to handle problems in the community.

“Reach out to government officials,” she said. “Start petitions, make a change. But don’t be violent. It hurts the community more than anything.”

Comment: Ferguson needs a few more Lexi’s to take a stand. Do you agree?