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She Was A Police Dog Who Saved Lives, Until She Was Killed By Terrorists

Police Dog

Diesel was a police dog who lost her life protecting Parisians. She participated in the raid in Saint-Denis that targeted the Paris terrorist mastermind, Abdelhamid Abbaaoud.

Diesel’s final mission was a success though. Abaaoud, the jihadist mastermind of the Paris attacks, also lost his life.

She was the first to enter the apartment in the raid. She was greeted by a female suicide bomber who some news outlets are claiming is the bride of the jihadist.

Diesel was mourned and honored throughout the world for her bravery and dedication to protect her fellow officers. #JeSuisChien (I am dog) began trending on social media.

From the safety of their own couches, the liberals over at Salon didn’t take long to say mourning a dog who died heroically was racist.

Diesel died doing what she was trained to do. Her devotion to her handler and the safety of the general public is to be admired and respected.

What is your opinion on using police dogs in this manner? Please join the discussion. 

H/T: Express