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Sheriff Has 3 Hilarious Words for Atheists Upset With ‘In God We Trust’ Decals

Randy Meeks

I’m not sure exactly what it means, but when an East Texas sheriff tells atheists who have a problem with police vehicles using ‘In God We Trust’ decals that they can go “butt a stump,” it has to be pretty awesome.

After hearing another police chief who had similar stickers on their vehicles tell the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group who made complaints, that they could go “fly a kite,” Sheriff Randy Meeks announced he would alter his department’s vehicles to include ‘In God We Trust,’ and if the group had a problem with it they could “butt a stump.”

Butting a stump sounds far worse than flying a kite, so we’ll have to say Sheriff Meeks won this round.

Via the Blaze:

A defiant Texas police chief who responded to atheists’ demands that he remove “In God We Trust” decals by telling them to “go fly a kite” has inspired yet another law enforcement official to add the nation’s motto to his department’s patrol vehicles.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks announced on Tuesday that he added “In God We Trust” decals after hearing Childress Police Department chief Adrian Garcia’s public message to atheists imploring them to “go fly a kite.”

Meeks said that he, too, would tell the Freedom From Religion Foundation — the activist group that has been taking aim at “In God We Trust” decals across the country — to go “butt a stump,” a phrase that essentially means “go away.”

Meeks said he wished he had thought of using the phrase on police vehicles sooner.

“We can give [officers] bulletproof vests, we can equip them with the best guns,” he explained.  “But ultimately when they go out there in the field and risk their lives, it’s really in God’s hands.”

Meeks added that if the emblems help boost the morale of his troops, then that’s enough of a reason to make the change.

Comment:  If police officers want ‘In God We Trust’ on their patrol cars, why should atheists be able to stop them?


Comments on “Sheriff Has 3 Hilarious Words for Atheists Upset With ‘In God We Trust’ Decals”

  1. Ronald says:

    Militant atheists are really just another religion seeking to impose THEIR religion on everyone else! Nothing less.