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Sheriff Arpaio Has Something Special Waiting For Hillary Clinton!


Sheriff Joe Arpaio, long known for his tough stance on illegal immigration and a unique manner in punishing inmates, spoke at a recent rally for presidential front runner, Donald Trump.

Calling Trump’s platform on immigration “common sense,” Arpaio praised the Republican candidate for having actually visited the border. He noted rather humorously that Hillary had thus far declined his invitation to tour the porous southern border.

Via Breitbart:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio rallied a crowd of some 8,000 Donald Trump supporters at the South Point Arena on Monday evening, saying that Trump had visited the border and taken up border security issues.

He joked that he had invited Hillary Clinton to tour the border with him, but that she had not yet accepted. He would “even give her a free pair of pink underwear,” he said,” provoking roars of laughter. Arpaio once required inmates in the county to wear pink underwear, before the federal courts intervened and stopped the practice.

Here is a visual aid on the pink underwear:


Check out this video of Arpaio introducing Trump at the campaign rally in Las Vegas:

Comment: What did you think about Arpaio’s joke regarding Hillary wearing the same prison garb he had illegal immigrants wear? Funny or over the line? Tell us what you think below.

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