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Sheriff Clarke Has Had ENOUGH! He’s Shutting Black Lives Matter DOWN in This New Video!

sheriff clarke

Anyone who’s followed the so called Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement knows that the movement has little to do with caring about black lives. When BLM protesters march down the street praising cop killers by chanting “Pigs in a Blanket,” they show that the “movement” is anti-law enforcement. Granted, the movement was spawned following deaths of black men in disputed circumstances by police, but the myth that police are disproportionately killing blacks is just that, a myth. Think about it – the fact that there are over thirty million blacks living in America and we can count the number of blacks killed in questionable circumstances by police on our fingers is a pretty good hint that this isn’t a systemic problem. Besides, if BLM really thought that police are the problem, how could inciting violence against them possibly be the answer?

The BLM movement’s anti-cop rhetoric has now attracted criticism from the NRA. The NRA released a new video featuring Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke, and the words he has for the movement put them in their place. Watch below:

You critics don’t define our honor. You try to shame us for doing our job. You teach children to fear us, crowds to attack us and good people to doubt us. But we will never back down from our sworn duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. We wake up every day, put on our badge, strap a gun to our hips, kiss our families good-bye and put our lives between the law-abiding and any criminal who threatens their rights. We serve people of every color and creed, men women and children in violent and dangerous neighborhoods because they have the same right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as CEOs, movie stars and the political elite.

We are Americans and we are the American police officer. We stand with the National Rifle Association of America and the NRA stands with us. Together we’re Freedom’s safest place.”

Do you agree with sheriff Clarke? Let us know what you think below!



  1. William says:

    Black Lies Matter is only an sympathy play to further chaos and usurp the rule of law. It was after all a uniting battle cry to an event that never took place.

  2. Denise says:

    Yes! He’s so right! I support police officers all the way. Put those criminals in jail. Start with Farrakhen!!!

  3. Adrian says:

    Gotta love this guy. He is probably the greatest law enforcement man in the country on a par with Sheriff Joe Arapio of Arizona. These men will save America if the people listen to them.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.