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Sheriff Clarke Shuts Down Dem Congressman with One Sentence! (WATCH)


Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) was confident that he had a gotcha question for Sheriff David Clarke, but was left shell-shocked when his response wasn’t nearly what was expected.

Clarke was speaking at a House Judiciary Committee on policing strategies within the communities they serve. The Milwaukee sheriff spoke of the ‘elephant in the room’ – black-on-black crime and higher rates of drug use, which he called the “scourge of the black community.”

Cohen seized upon those comments, and hit Clarke with a question and point he fully expected would be conceded.

Clarke wouldn’t have it…

Via BizPAC Review:

“You said that illegal drug use is the scourge of the black community and it is a problem and leads to a great deal of violent crime,” Cohen said.

“Would you agree that marijuana possession is not the scourge of the black community and does not lead to violent crime the same way that meth, crack cocaine, and heroin do?”

“No, I wouldn’t agree with that at all,” Clarke said.

Whatever point Cohen was trying to make was lost.

“Well, that’s interesting, and I wish I had more time to talk to you,” Cohen fumbled. “Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.”

The exchange clearly didn’t go the way the Cohen expected. In fact, his nervous laughter showed just how embarrassed he was.


Cohen admitted that “the defense attorney is not supposed to ask a question they don’t know… but it was such an obvious answer – I just never thought I’d get that answer.”

Comment: Who had the right answer – Sheriff Clarke who works with the black community trying to combat violence and drug use, or the deeply embedded Washington politician?