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Sheriff Clarke Tears Into Beyonce For Her Black Panther Super Bowl Performance!


America’s favorite sheriff, David Clarke, a frequent critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, and an African-American himself, tore into singer Beyonce for her Super Bowl halftime performance. A performance which featured dancers in Black Panther-like uniforms singing a song known for it’s BLM-themed message.

Clarke asked Beyonce if it would be equally acceptable if the halftime show featured “a white band” performing “in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion?”

He reminded the pop star that “the Black Panthers are a subversive hate group in America.”

Well then…


The song performed by Beyonce is accompanied by a video which shows a young black man surrounded by police officers, his hands held up before an image of graffiti on the wall shows the words, “Stop shooting us.”

Some law enforcement members turned their backs on Beyonce’s show while it was happening.

Additionally, a VA group took on Beyonce saying her show was “racially divisive” and “in poor taste.”


Comment: Do you agree with Sheriff Clarke that Beyonce’s halftime show honored a “subversive hate group?” Share your thought with us below.