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Sheriff David Clarke Rips Obama to Shreds Over Baltimore Riots


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke ripped into President Obama for his recent comments justifying the actions of violent protesters in Baltimore, saying he has a “general disdain for the American police officer.”

Earlier this week, Obama quantified the actions of rioters saying they essentially have an argument when it comes to attacking police and destroying property because of past race relations and issues with police officers.

Clarke, an African-American sheriff, claims the President is “enjoying this” because he’s built an entire career out of creating a wider racial divide in our country.

Via Fox News Insider:

Clarke said on “Hannity” that he thinks Obama is “enjoying this.”

“He’s built a career off of dividing people. Creating divisions, stoking animosity, the rich versus the poor, the one percent, tax the rich, the war on women…It’s been very destructive for America.”

Clarke said that Obama has a “general disdain for the American police officer.”

Clarke asserted that he thinks a change needs to happen in Baltimore and that it should start with the politics in the city.

“Nothing’s gotten better,” he said. “…The failed liberal Democrat policies have kept people mired in misery in the American ghetto.”


Clarke went on to explain that the black community has been left behind by Obama’s failed economic policies.

His liberal policies have “mired black people in generational poverty,” according to Clarke.

Do you agree with the Sheriff? Does Obama have a disdain for the American police officer, and are his and other liberal policies to blame for the violence in Baltimore, Ferguson, and New York City?


Comments on “Sheriff David Clarke Rips Obama to Shreds Over Baltimore Riots”

  1. K Michel says:

    Obama has hated this country for DECADES. He is a muslim determined to turn this country into an islamic nation. The way muslims do this is divide with any means possible…then like their deceptive ways…they then offer to “help” resolve the very problem they instigated and fueled.

    During the initial Ferguson’s protests that were quickly escalating…there were photos of some of the protesters…and in one photo there were a group of people and in the back was a man holding a sign that said, “ISIS here”.

    Obama has condemned Christians and Jews while giving acolades and props to muslims. Condemned whites while excusing despicable violent crimes committed by blacks and trying to blame whites for their criminal behavior.

    He has repeatedly lied to the American people who pay his wages. He has wasted billions on himself and his ungrateful wife who said living in the White Mosque was like being in a prison. All I could think was…well why the hell don’t you GET OUT!

    Obama and leftists are going to be the demise of America….he should be tried for treason.