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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Just Made A HUGE Prediction About 2016!


Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a very outspoken critic of our nation’s lax illegal immigration laws, has guaranteed that Donald Trump will “take care of Hillary.”

Arpaio recently spoke at a Trump rally and had endorsed the Republican front-runner.

The sheriff appeared on the Fox Business Network, explaining that Trump “has tapped into the anger of this country” when it comes to illegal immigration.

“He’s going to be the nominee,” Arpaio announced, “And I guarantee he’ll take care of Hillary.”

Watch the interview below:

Arpaio joked at an earlier campaign rally that he had invited Hillary Clinton to tour the border with him, but she had yet to accept. He would “even give her a free pair of pink underwear,” he said. The comment prompted roars of laughter from the crowd.

Sheriff Arpaio once required inmates in his county jail to wear pink underwear. Perhaps he anticipates Hillary will be an inmate herself one day.

Check out this video of Arpaio introducing Trump at a campaign rally in Las Vegas:

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