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Sheriff Arpaio Just Made A BOLD STATEMENT In Support Of Trump!

Trump University

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is famous for his tough stance against illegal immigrants, made a bold statement in support of Donald J. Trump amidst the controversy over the GOP nominee’s criticism of a judge in his Trump University lawsuit.

While Arpaio wouldn’t confirm whether or not he would have done what Trump did in attacking the judge, he made it clear he recognizes that Trump has more guts than most politicians:

From Politico:

The Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff wouldn’t say whether or not he backed Trump’s attacks against Hispanic U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who Trump says has been biased against him in presiding over two class-action lawsuits against Trump University. Citing his own involvement in ongoing litigation, Arpaio repeatedly sidestepped offering an opinion on the attacks and instead praised the presumptive nominee’s shoot-from-the-hip style of speaking.
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“That’s a tough one. You know the department of justice and the ACLU have been suing me for years,” Arpaio said. “I’m currently in federal court so I don’t want to talk about my situation or even his. But let me tell you, he’s not slave to the teleprompter. He’s a type of guy that speaks out.”

Sometimes his words are twisted,” he continued. “At least he has the guts to speak out and back up what he says. He may want to change here and there, but we need a guy that is brave.”

“You guys won’t let it go away,” he said. “Why don’t you drop it?.. The media keeps harping. They’ve got to find something about him, something and they keep picking on this comment. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but leave it alone. Let’s go on to other things.”

Arpaio was more forthcoming when asked about recent demonstrations by anti-Trump protesters at the candidate’s rallies in California. Bemoaning the burning of American flags at those rallies and the destruction of government property, Arpaio said, “I don’t think the public likes this.”

“You know what they are? They’re gang bangers. You’re going to see more of this. Everybody wants to join, use this as an excuse, also, to be rowdy and to do different types of crimes,” he continued. “I feel sorry for Donald and I worry a little about him. I am an elected delegate. I will be in Cleveland watching his back. So I’m concerned as this type of action gets worse and worse.”

Do you agree with Arpaio’s assessment of the controversy surrounding Trump’s comments? Let us know below!