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Shimon Peres

We have just learned that former Israeli President Shimon Peres was suddenly rushed to a hospital after suffering a stroke at age 93.

According to his physician, Peres did not lose consciousness after suffering a stroke and was said to be in stable condition.

From Chicago Tribune:

Peres, 93, has held virtually every senior political office in Israel over a seven-decade career, including three terms as prime minister as well as stints as foreign minister and finance minister.

He won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in reaching an interim peace agreement with the Palestinians. As president, a largely ceremonial office, he cultivated an image as the country’s elder statesman and became a popular fixture at international conferences like the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Peres has remained active since completing his seven-year term as president in 2014, and is one of the country’s most popular public figures. He often hosts public events at his peace center, bringing together Arabs and Jews in efforts to promote peace and coexistence.

This is a breaking news story and we will update you with any new details! 


Comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Former President HOSPITALIZED!”

  1. K Thomas says:

    One if not the best PM in Israel history. He lead the way for a peceful two state agree ment which the Arrogant Netan has blocked: and even the THE lobby got 38 Billion in bomb aid for Israel to kill more, Arabs.