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This Ship Crashed At Full Speed – The Answer Why Is Unreal

Ship Crashed

It turned out Sherlock Holmes was NOT needed to figure out this mystery.

The Lysblink Seaways, a 423ft Russian ship, struck the west coast of Scotland earlier this year while delivering paper from Belfast to Skogn, Norway.

And it struck the coast while travelling at FULL SPEED.

Investigators soon boarded the vessel, wondering why the officer on watch struck the shore without even slowing the vessel down. But once they saw his bloodshot eyes and smelled his breath, they soon figured it out:

The Russian officer was drunk. How drunk? Well, according to the report into the crash released just this week, he’d just polished off half a LITER of rum in his cabin before taking command the ship!

Fingers crossed that this drunken officer, whose name has not been revealed, is not planning to work on a nuclear Russian sub.

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H/T: yahoo.com


Comments on “This Ship Crashed At Full Speed – The Answer Why Is Unreal”

  1. Michael says:

    I doubt anyone will have to worry about this Captain Commanding anything ever again.