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This Ghost Fleet Washed Ashore Filled With Dead Bodies, And Experts Are BAFFLED!


Here’s a story more suited to Halloween than Christmas time, but one that’s sure to set every mariner’s heart racing.

Authorities in Asia are baffled by the 12 “ghost” ships which have arrived in Japan’s territorial waters over the last few months.

Small, wooden, and abandoned, these ships contained a ghastly cargo: the decomposing bodies of 22 people.

Two of the bodies were found without heads, and in another ship, six skulls were found lined up together.

Needless to say, Japan’s government is eager to discover what happened.

Tragically, it appears that the ships each hail from the communist tyranny of North Korea. Most have Korean lettering which spells “Korean People’s Army.”

This leads most analysts to conclude that the ships contained defectors desperate to head to the West.

But if these were defectors, why were they decapitated and left to rot on the seas? And how did they obtain vessels belonging to the People’s Army?  If the North Koreans had captured them, wouldn’t they have forced them to return home to face public execution?

It looks like the mystery of Japan’s Ghost fleet is set to endure.


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