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SHOCK: You Won’t Believe What This Liberal Conference Had to Remind Attendees NOT to Do!


Netroots Nation is a large conference of left wing activists. It is the largest gathering of progressives in the United States. The leftist community organizers gather in Phoenix next month and Democratic Presidential hopefuls will be there. Despite the high profile attendees, the organizers have a concern about some of the far left attendees.

Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon noticed the program had an unusual warning that shouldn’t need to be issued to people who respect the law and other people. Conference organizers issued a reminder for the attendees not to rape other activists.

“We want our attendees to have a great time, but please remember that sexual consent is always essential,” advises a program handed out to attendees of the 2015 Netroots Nation conference.

The warning appears in the “safe space” portion of the program. Most people don’t have to be reminded not to rape people. But, after violence at Occupy Wall Street events, perhaps it is warranted. Occupy Wall Street groups had to establish “rape-free zones.”

Have you ever been to a conference where attendees were reminded not to rape anyone? Please comment below.


H/T: Washington Free Beacon