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Shocking Discovery Found Along British Coast!


After 6 whales have died off the British coast this year, researchers are concerned the sighting of another whale could be a sign of things to come. While the whale is still alive, the shocking discovery of whales washed up on the shore has people worried this may occur again!

According to BBC:

A whale has been spotted in shallow water off the Norfolk coast, less than a week after the death of another whale in the same waters.

It was reported to be alive and thrashing about near Mundesley, according to a coastguard rescue team.

The latest sighting is about 50 miles away from Hunstanton, where a whale died on Thursday after being washed up.

It was the sixth sperm whale to die off the British coast this year and the 30th to die in the North Sea in 2016.

What are your thoughts on whales repeatedly dying off the British coast? Do scientists need to take action to stop this from happening or is this just a naturally occurring event? Share your thoughts below!