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Shocking Images as Escaped Zoo Animals Invade Town


Disaster struck the former Soviet Republic of Georgia for a second time this week, when flood waters, already at historic highs, crashed through the capital city of Tbilisi and enabled dozens of animals to escape from the city’s zoo.

Footage on US networks showed hippos and bears walking the city streets, while other reports suggest some of the escaped animals either drowned or were shot by security services to prevent danger to the public:

zoo 2

NBC confirmed that a pack of six wolves were shot dead outside a hospital, as the Georgian government announced that special forces units had been mobilized to hunt down the escaped animals that might pose a threat to the populace. So far however, no one has been killed by any of the escapees, though 12 have died due to the floods.

There is some good news, however. The images below show the townspeople working together to save a hippo which had wandered onto their streets. The animal was given a tranquilizer and is now safe.

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