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Shocking Music Video Promotes Violence Against Cops!

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I was talking the other day to a friend of mine and we were reminiscing about the old days when music was music! When songs meant something and touched certain aspects of life. Today, the music industry isn’t want it used to be. The music created today is used to incite violence when they purposely say they’re not trying to. This is text that opens up the video:

The intention of this video is not to promote violence, but to show that we as a people will no longer accept the loss of innocent Black Lives. The message of this video is not to target anyone but instead, to value everyone. This video is a statement and a reminder that black lives won’t be ‘taken’ lightly.

If the intention wasn’t to promote violence, why does it need this disclaimer? They know the impact of a video this explicit could very well move low-information Americans into a mindstate of thinking they can do something like this and get away with it or claim some stupid justification.

Most of you won’t be able to finish the video, but you are well aware of its implications. This is not music. This isn’t something to feel good with the family or dance with the kids. This is a straight up message for the community, to those who live along the lines of hate and intolerance, to rise and use this as a battle cry.

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Add this video along with the Beyonce #BlackLivesMatter against Police SuperBowl dance ritual and you have the makings of subliminal directives to grow your hate ranks against law enforcement. I’m not buying or have ever bought into the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement because I know how it started, and that’s very important. If the group actually feels this way, then why not start policing our own, or those who are killing more blacks than anyone else combined. I believe every life matters, but blaming everyone else and not taking responsibility for your actions can only be handled by YOU.

WARNING: Explicit Language Included:

Rap started many years ago with the glorifying of killing cops. We as a society did nothing to stop it way back then, and now those same teen thugs that thought it was cool back then are living it out today. Rap music breeds racism and hates nothing else. All lives matter, not just whites and not just blacks.

This is probably nothing but a last ditch effort to stir the pot for publicity and attempt to salvage a less than stellar career in the music industry for David Banner, the creator of the video. The irony in all of this is, Banner will be the first to call 911 for help when that “thug life,” catches up to him.

The solution to this community, plain and simple. Take control of your streets and neighborhoods. Start calling for accountability at these record studios and labels. Shut them down and stop the influx of money promoting these lyrics and violence. That’s how you stop them or it will soon be too late.

Even if you didn’t watch the entire video, what do you think about what you watched? Do you think this video incites violence? Share your comments below and give me some feedback.