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SHOCKING New Denial of Antisemitism from Obama

This week, President Obama gave an interview to Vox that has been widely criticized and mocked. Vox is best known for being an “explainer” site that does nothing to clarify the news, and instead gets story after story wrong. In the interview, President Obama was asked about the attacks in France over the last month, which claimed the lives of over a dozen in two separate incidents: at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and of a kosher supermarket outside of Paris. Of the latter incident, President Obama told Vox:


Randomly? Yes. The President appeared to believe that the attackers who walked into a Kosher supermarket showed up there randomly.¬†Was one attacker’s initial target of a Jewish school also random? Was the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office random?

Many concluded that the President¬†had to have been misunderstood somehow. There’s just no way that he could believe that attackers walked into a Kosher supermarket by chance. Or could he?

Yesterday, during the White House press briefing his Press Secretary Josh Earnest doubled down on the President’s “random” remarks, stating not once but twice that the attack on the kosher supermarket was not motivated by Antisemitism.

The longer clip with more context can be found on the Free Beacon website, but even with extended context the message is clear: the Obama White House is willfully blind to the plague of Antisemitism. That should frighten Jews not just in the United States, but around the world.

Comment below! Do you think the President is Antisemitic himself?