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OJ Simpson murder

I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian. I’m not sure how one can be a fan of someone who is famous for being famous. Regardless, I don’t understand the constant hateful, mean spirited remarks constantly directed at her.

Even though she’s made some mistakes in her life she is always positive and has been trying to make up for them. Kim just admitted to something┬ádealing with the OJ Simpson case that I am not sure if it’s criminal or not. She probably can’t get into trouble for it now or can she.

During an interview with GQ magazine, she admitted to rummaging through her OJ Simpson’s garment bag to see what was in it, which was directly after the former pro-football player was accused of murdering his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. That’s right; Kim physically touched and altered evidence that would be used somewhere in the public case.

From Daily Mail:

Kim Kardashian admits to going through one of the biggest pieces of evidence in the OJ Simpson murder trial.

In an interview with GQ, Kardashian said that after her father brought home Simpson’s Louis Vuitton garment bag from the football star’s home just after he was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown she decided to see what was in there.

There were many who believed that Simpson’s bloody clothes, or possibly even the murder weapon, were inside the bag.

Kardashian, 35, said it was far less exciting though, revealing the contents to be basic, everyday things.

‘Just toiletries and clothes and golf clothes. Just random stuff,’ said Kardashian.

‘I’m pretty sure it’s, like, still in – probably in my dad’ storage.’

‘I know people said at the time that he [joined Simpson’s defense team] so he couldn’t be called as a witness, because he had that Louis Vuitton bag that supposedly had the [murder] weapon and stuff like that,’ Kardashian said of her father.

‘But that bag was sitting at my dad’s house. I remember I went through it. The news was like, “Where is this Louis Vuitton bag?” And I’m like, “Oh, it’s upstairs.”‘

Kardashian was a freshman in high school when the trial began, and one day skipped school so she and her sister Kourtney could go see what was happening in court.

The bag was eventually submitted into evidence in the trial – empty.

Watch this report:

Can you believe being that close as a youngster to one of the biggest murder cases and you are checking your dad’s bag? Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut and go about your business. We didn’t know about this little tidbit and nobody cared or was asking so why did she bring it up? Guess it had to be a blonde moment, oh wait she has black hair. Nevermind.

Again, I like Kim, so I won’t attack her personally, but if she’s got anymore secrets like this she’s holding, I suggest she close her mouth and let things roll into the abyss.

Do you think this was tampering with evidence? Do you believe Kim messed with case evidence? Share your opinions below in the comment section and check with your friends to see if this is strange by adding this story to your Facebook and Twitter page.