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SHOCKING PHOTO: Can You Find the Drowning Child in This pool?

Here’s a timely reminder that when you head to the pool this summer, you’d better keep your eyes open.

Because in between all the ice cream and suntan lotion, there’s a  risk that kids can get into distress real fast when they are in the water.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the footage below. It’s taken from a public pool in South Carolina, demonstrating the eagle-eyed bravery of a life guard. As you’ll see, in seconds a happy child slips from his inner tube and into the water beneath. Can you spot him?

Here’s the dramatic moment circled:


And here’s the video itself:

So take care of yourself and your loved ones this summer.

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H/T: Mental Floss


Comments on “SHOCKING PHOTO: Can You Find the Drowning Child in This pool?”

  1. Tamara says:

    Good life guard and I’m glad the little fella was okay. As a Mom, it makes your heart skip a beat, seeing how fast and easy it is for your kids to get in trouble. Thanks to all the life guards out there that are keeping our kiddo’s safe at pools and water parks every day.