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Shocking: The Reason the San Bernardino Shooter’s Neighbors Didn’t Call the Police


Yesterday in San Bernandino California, a mass shooting was carried out by a pair of shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. While the suspects are Muslim, it still remains unclear whether or not there was a religious motivation to the shootings. If there is something to blame aside from the shooters, it’s political correctness. As Young Cons reports:

As darkness fell, police continued to search the home in Redlands. Officers entered the home with a battering ram and were taking precautions due to a belief that the home could be rigged with explosives.

It was not immediately known whether the Redlands home was owned by Syed Farook or his family members.

One neighbor said he noticed that a group of six Middle Eastern men moved onto the street a few weeks ago but did not file a report as he did not want to appear to be racially profiling his neighbors.

In just the past month among the various things Liberals have deemed “racist” include: eating ethnic food, the phrase “no can do,” yoga classes, and man caves. It’s no surprise that the neighbor of the shooter feared being labeled a racist. At least he would’ve been a racist who prevented 14 deaths.

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