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SHOCKING: The Reason You Haven’t Heard About This Hate Crime Will Infuriate You!


A father of one of the victims has finally been charged in the murder of a Houston lesbian couple committed last year.

James Cosby was indicted on capital murder charges Tuesday in the deaths of his daughter, Britney Cosby, and her girlfriend, Crystal Jackson, who were both 24. Cosby has been in jail on a charge of tampering with evidence since shortly after the murders.


I can’t understand why any father would go so far as to kill his own daughter, gay or not. This guy belongs in prison for life.

The bodies of his daughter Britney and her girlfriend Crystal were found near a dumpster outside a convenience store in Galveston County, TX in March 2014. Autopsy results showed Cosby died from blunt force trauma to the head, and Jackson — who had a 5-year-old daughter — died from a gunshot wound.


From KHOU-TV’s report on James Cosby’s indictment:

  • Investigators later found a lot of blood at Cosby’s Houston home.
  • According to court documents, they searched Cosby s bedroom and found large areas of blood on surfaces throughout.
  • A criminal complaint filed in court says detectives also noticed a missing window shutter on Cosby’s home. They found a shutter matching the missing one covered in blood near where the victim s bodies were found. Detectives say Cosby’s thumb print was on the shutter.

Check out the video report of the murder:

This is just awful, and it may not get as much media “play” because they’re 1) African American, 2) lesbians and 3) not small children. We need to keep this in the national discussion so more people are aware, disturbing though it may be.

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