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SHOCKING Video: The World Watched In Horror as This Surfer Met Face-to-Face With a Great White


In a summer of increased shark attacks… this could be the most dramatic yet.

Champion Australian surfer Mick Fanning was competing in South Africa last week. In the waters of East Cape Province, perhaps the worst thing on his mind was the thought of wiping out. The media was watching him, as was his mother sat at home in Australia.

And then this happened:

Fanning was hit by a shark, and dragged underwater. Initially, he tried to swim to safety, but choose instead to defend himself against the shark.

According to Fox Sports, Fanning’s mother said the attack was “the worst thing I’ve ever seen happen to any of my family because it was just there in front of me.”

Incredibly, Fanning survived the attack with no injuries whatsoever. Surfing authorities subsequently called off the finals, and awarded Fanning second place.

What do you think of the footage? Why has there been an increase in these sorts of attacks? Let us know below:

H/T: Fox Sports