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Show Host RIPS Liberals For Being Too Stupid to See the Bigger Point Surrounding Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy


Co-host of The Five, Greg Gutfeld, delivered quite a monologue regarding Bristol Palin’s pregnancy announcement, saying that while liberals are free to mock her as a hypocrite, they’re missing the bigger pro-life message – “Palin chose humiliation over convenience.”

After showing multiple clips of Palin being the target of talk show hosts and comedians, Gutfeld ripped the media for the fact that they “would have been more supportive if she (Palin) had an abortion.”

He said that the daughter of former vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, deserves to be recognized as “a full-on hypocrite.” But by accepting it, has shown that life is more important than saving face.

Watch Gutfeld’s strong defense of Palin…

Via Fox News Insider:

“A champion of abstinence gets impregnated by two different guys. It’s a giggle,” he said. “But as you laugh you miss the bigger point… Palin chose humiliation over convenience. She took the pain, for it was more humane.”

He added that her pregnancy points out sins, on both sides of the aisle.

“On the right, if you cite the illegitimacy of black inner cities, then do so here,” Gutfeld stated. “Sex happens where the young and bored congregate, without supervision or goals. On the left, your mockery reminds us of how you secretly value abortion and its thinning of the troubled herd. You know you love it.”

Humiliation over convenience. Gutfeld is right – Convenience is what anti-life liberals want when they demand abortion without questions or consequences. Polling suggests that a very low percentage of abortions are performed for extreme reasons such as rape or incest. It’s predominantly about convenience.

Bristol Palin just taught liberals an important life lesson – they’re just not bright enough to know it.

Comment – Is Palin a heroine for choosing humiliation over convenience, or is she a hypocrite? Tell us your thoughts below.




  1. BrenandLon says:

    …..No matter how you “color” this, she should have Avoided the pregnancy to begin with……

  2. Teri says:

    Hey ! why no media bashing on top talk shows of how Angelina and Brad pitt conceived their children together !! IN FACT Brad was a married man at the time to Jennifer !!! BOOM ! How man pregnancy’s out of wedlock ???? Oh that’s right !! Bristol is the daughter of a political family !! ” and we all know how the lib’s love to bash ” THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE “

  3. Tii says:

    She chose life and I respect her. Mind your business and find something better to do with your lonely life’s than bash a woman whom chose to keep her child.

  4. Velma says:

    To inform someone of the importance of abstinence Bristol has shown exactly what the consequences could be. In this day and age there are many females who claim one thing but are doing another. The fact that she owned her indiscretions makes her more responsible for the her circumstances. The media sensationalized the down side of situation. Would they have a news post if she wasn’t Sarah Pailins daughter? Are there any other Adults out there in the spotlight that are pregnant out of wedlock? She may be a spokesperson for abstinence, but that is more proof of the consequences. “Do what I say, not what I do” has been her platform from the first child by example. She is taking care of him, not welfare. My daughter in law (yes I realize she’s married) works at a health department to stress abstinence. However, it’s not her words that guarantee her clients will listen. I salute Bristol for standing for the child amongst all the ridicule.

  5. Jill says:

    Gutfeld is spot on. She could have chosen the easy way out and no one would have know, but she chose the tough road of public ridicule and raising this child as a single parent. This baby has a right to life and I personally am glad that she made that choice. You can paint her a hypocrite because she was very vocal about abstinence, but what happened is her business and can we mind our own business and let her live her life the way she has chosen. Where does it make it right to condemn her for her choice and but to be called names if you condemn others their choice of same sex marriage or being transgender.

    1. BrenandLon says:

      …JILL….I cannot agree with your outlook on Bristols …”activities”….She KNEW the risks of having unprotected sex. Plus, approving her actions of becoming a single mom, again. This is wrong. She should have practiced what she preached….Notice I didnt say avoid sex, it wont happen with high hormone girls and boys, just…Be Smart…………