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Show This Rant To The Next Person Who Says They Have A Gluten Allergy!

Someone once joked that if the first rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club, the first rule of vegan club is to always talk about vegan club. Adherents to the “gluten free” health craze have seemingly undertaken the same cult-like devotion to their habits.

There are undoubtedly people who pursue a gluten free diet because they actually have a gluten allergy, but those people make up less than 1% of the population. Here’s a great story from one waitress to show someone next time they claim they have a gluten allergy:


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Comments on “Show This Rant To The Next Person Who Says They Have A Gluten Allergy!”

  1. Joseph says:

    Whether it is Gluten, something that goes hand in hand with gluten or a combination of both, for you to totally ignore Gluten insensitivity in your rant is misleading at best and does a disservice to the many people that suffer through it (6x the amount of those that suffer celiac).


    So instead of your 1% you are actually looking at 6 to 7% of the population or roughly 1 out of 15 that deal with gluten or gluten related issues. Most of these people do not suffer a sever and life threatening response but instead deal with symptoms ranging from intestinal discomfort to inflamed joints and achy muscles, just to name a few. So many will gamble occasionally on getting a good meal vs. a bland home cooked meal. But for some reason this seems to concern you, this desire for others to actually to take a chance and enjoy their life. So let me put your mind at rest with your concerns over cross contamination. While totally gluten-free is preferable the main objective is to try to limit the parts per million of contaminates so as to not to trigger an immune response from the body. So while it may take a little extra effort from the kitchen staff it does not take a haz-mat team to come in and sanitize the kitchen to achieve this result. And for this extra effort in most cases there is an extra charge added to the bill. So the efforts put forth by the restaurant nor the gamble a diner takes need not concern you. Unless of course you are someone that feels they belong in everyone else’s business.

    While I enjoy a good rant, might I suggest you become a little more knowledgeable or less misleading on the subject before you go on egging some food service employee into contaminating that gluten-free fraud’s order?