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Pedophile Commit a Heinous Crime But How He Got Away With It Will Make You More Angry


The man pictured above, David Renz, was able to commit a terrible crime because authorities ignored 46 different incidents that should have tipped them off.

Renz, who was on parole for possession of child pornography and forced to wear a tracking bracelet, revealed that he removed the device over 40 times, including when he murdered forty-seven-year-old Lori Ann Bresnahan and raped her ten-year-old daughter.

According to Syracuse.com:

In new testimony, David Renz says he probably would not have murdered a librarian and raped a girl if his probation officer had investigated alerts that Renz was tampering with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Renz said the first time the bracelet came off, it was an accident. His parole officer then put the bracelet back on, which allowed Renz to learn how to take the device on and off.

The testimony emerged because Bresnahan’s estate is suing the government and the authorities in charge of Renz for $190 million. A judge is expected to reject a motion by the US government to dismiss the case this week.

When asked by an attorney during the testimony if he would have committed the crime had he been more closely monitored, Renz responded:

“Most likely not. Uhm, because of the lack of response to certain actions that I knew that – or assumed anyways that there was uhm – I had greater freedom.”

H/T – Syracuse.com