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One Sickening Photo on Facebook Took Down the World’s Worst Dog Owner


Social media will be the demise of many who think they can get away with treating animals inhumanely.

If you can’t take care of an animal or you don’t like the sounds animals make, then you shouldn’t become an owner.

A woman going by Katie Brown on Facebook has become the target of animal lovers on the internet after posting the following photo on Facebook earlier this week. The photo was quickly shared hundreds of thousands of times.

After some debate about the woman’s real identity and her location, authorities finally tracked her down in North Carolina where she was charged with animal cruelty.


The police department released the following statement on the issue:

Taping the dog’s muzzle shut was a terrible decision on Ms. Lemansky’s part, and charging her with animal cruelty under North Carolina law was the right thing to do.

At the same time, it’s important to also note that our animal control officers who physically examined both Brown and her littermate found the dogs to be very well cared for, which is why we did not and could not remove them from the owner. The dogs are current on their shots, spayed, and microchipped.

They are clean and well-nourished and appear to be comfortable in their surroundings. And there were no signs of injury to Brown’s muzzle, not even detectable hair loss.

I am shocked and saddened by what she did. I had a puppy when I was growing up and they require a lot of sacrifice and responsibility. This woman has neither.

Check out this video:

What do you think of her actions and should she have been allowed to keep her dogs? Share your comments below and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline so your friends can answer that question.

h/t –  MyFox8