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Skip the Family Feud on Thanksgiving – 4 Easy Tips

family feud

While it’s the favorite holiday of many – possibly the one time of year this many of your family members will break bread together – Thanksgiving can provide a lot of stress for some! Whether it’s in-laws who don’t like the way you make the stuffing or those cousins who are extremely opinionated, sometimes it just feels like stress is the most prominent feeling of the day.

If this describes you, you’re not alone. Here are some very simple tips to help you get through this holiday and make the most of having the ones you love all together

1. Steer clear of touchy subjects and plan ahead:

When in doubt, avoid the notoriously controversial subjects – religion and politics. If you know your family is likely to bring the conversation somewhere hairy, brainstorm a few topics, questions, and anecdotes ahead of time. That way, you’re prepared to steer things in a positive direction.

2. Flattery is effective:

When conversations take a rocky turn, think of a compliment. Your great aunt probably went to a lot of trouble to make her hair look nice and picked out that blouse especially for the occasion. So what if she prefers her mashed potatoes smooth and you left them lumpy? She’d appreciate a compliment and it may halt another criticism. Who doesn’t feel better after a sincere compliment?

3. Keep your wits about you:

Let’s face it, something is bound to go wrong. Does it really matter? Will you care in a week if you forget to add the giblets to the gravy? There’s no reason to sweat the small stuff! Take a deep breath or count to ten, then collect yourself and move past it. A temper doesn’t fix anything!

4. Don’t forget the point!

Remember, first and foremost, you’ve gathered together to celebrate and give thanks. Remind those around you how thankful you are for them, even if they don’t use a coaster or they ignored your place settings. They’re family and you’re lucky to have them. Some people won’t get to be with their families on this day and they probably wish they could. And if it’s really that bad, be thankful that Thanksgiving only comes once a year!


Have any tips that work for you? Share them in the comments! They might just save someone’s holiday!