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Show Your Liberal Friends: Socialized Medicine Destroys Lives


America doesn’t yet have full socialized medicine. The closest we have is the death-trap that is the VA. But our neighbor to the North is fully socialized which means every health decision is made by a bureaucrat and healthcare is rationed. As a result, we get heart-breaking stories like this.
Via Free Beacon.

A Canadian couple married for 62 years is being forced to live more than 30 minutes apart since neither of their nursing home facilities can accommodate the two of them.

Wolf and Anita Gottschalk live in two different nursing homes in Surrey, British Columbia, NBC News reports. Wolf is 83 and Anita is 81.

A backlog at Anita’s care facility has caused the issue. Their family drives Anita every other day to Wolf’s facility, but the couple leaves in tears as they have to say goodbye. Their family would like to be able to have them both in Anita’s facility so they can spend more time together.

and the story gets worse:

The ordeal began in January, when Wolf was hospitalized for congestive heart failure, and then moved to Yale Road Centre, a transitional facility where the average stay is between 4 and 12 weeks, according to Fraser Health Authority. But after being hospitalized twice more for heart problems, Wolf kept getting bumped to this bottom of the wait list to go to a long-term care facility, Bartyik said. Health workers deemed him too ill to go home to his wife Anita.

Then two months ago, Anita, 81, who has a pacemaker, moved into an assisted living complex at the Residences at Morgan Heights. The complex is set up for residents with varying health needs, and Bartyik has been trying to get her grandfather moved there, even if in a different wing.

This is what liberals want. They want families torn about and people put onto “waiting lists” to die alone. Obamacare is just the first step, but we can stop it before it gets worse!

How do we fight against socialized medicine? Share your thoughts.


Comments on “Show Your Liberal Friends: Socialized Medicine Destroys Lives”

  1. Adrian says:

    The free market is the only solution for the “health care” mess, and who goes to a doctor or hospital when they are healthy? It is sick care and it is sick. The prototype DC bureau eats 28% of all the money it gets in costs, salaries and bonuses. The CA Dept. of Education eats 60% of the money it gets for the state’s school districts and they want more! Government is the problem.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.