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South Carolina School BANS the American Flag… Until These Veterans Show Up!


The Daily Caller is out with a story that’s well worth reading, if seeing publicly funded liberal teachers run amok interests you.

According to the report, administrators at York Comprehensive High School in South Carolina told a student, 18-year-old Peyton Robinson, to remove his American flag from the back of his truck due to safety reasons. Because, you know, he could have been smothered to death by Old Glory while driving, or something.

Well, this petty-minded diktat did not sit right with the red-blooded patriots of the local community who lined the streets outside the school in protest once they heard that the tax-dollars were paying for educators to launch a crusade against the flag. As you can see in the footage below, approximately 70 local residents protested by driving past the school displaying their own American flags.

The local CBS affiliate has picked up on the story too, and you can see their report below:

Be sure to click on the link above for more details on the story, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Comments on “South Carolina School BANS the American Flag… Until These Veterans Show Up!”

  1. Cameron says:

    While the kid SHOULD be allowed to fly ANY flag he wants, (including a Confederate, btw, I’m a Yankee) I can see why SOME people would call two 4 x 6 flags a safty hazard.They ARE distracting! Let’s do this. Fly ONE flag only with a maximum size of 3 x 5, NO FOREIGN FLAGS ALLOWED! Flying a United States flag should be the standard. Flying ANY other country flag should be illegal.