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Spanish Language Healthcare Site Wasting Your Tax Dollars

While an entire industry has grown out of social media marketing, there isn’t much skill involved in doing basic targeting on Facebook. Nobody said the federal government possessed even the most basic skills, let alone common sense or fiscal responsibility. Thus, I was disappointed but not surprised to see this ad for the Spanish version of Healthcare.gov pop up into my Facebook newsfeed:


The appearance of this ad into my personal Facebook newsfeed means that the federal government, while trying to give away with our tax dollars what most Americans work hard paying for, are wasting an exorbitant amount of money. Facebook advertising isn’t cheap, especially an ad of this type and size in the middle of a user’s newsfeed.

How does one go about creating an ad on Facebook? One of the first steps is to target this ad towards users who would be most interested in its contents; that’s Advertising 101.

Screenshot 2015-01-15 at 8.15.50 AM

Whomever set up this ad, using the nation’s credit card, completed none of these steps. I am, and Facebook knows this, upper middle class and English-speaking. I have never attempted to obtain healthcare online, which Facebook scarily also knows. Most individuals in my income bracket obtain health insurance via an employer, as my husband does for our family. I am, thus, one of the worst people to see a Spanish-language ad for free health insurance. Nevertheless, that’s what the federal government paid for me to see on Facebook yesterday.

What else do you think the government is wasting money on?