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Special Needs Parents Must Protect Their Kids From Teachers Like This

special needs beating

A Mississippi special education teacher thought the best way to secure a special needs student was to treat her like a Raggedy Ann doll. The teacher dragged her by the hair to and for what? I know the teacher didn’t think the student was going to behave after that. Honestly, to me, it seemed as if the teacher wanted to enact harm on the student.

When I saw this video, a lot of rage filled my entire body from head to toe. I can’t believe some of these teachers in today’s world. If they aren’t falling prey to having sex with the kids, they are beating them up when heads are turned.

No investigation is needed! It’s not like she was helping her to her seat. She needs to be registered as a child abuser, so this doesn’t happen again.

From Yahoo News:

Shocking video out of a Mississippi high school apparently shows a teacher holding down a special needs student, then dragging her across the floor by her hair. The video, by Viral Hog, was posted to Facebook by a concerned parent and has been viewed more than six million times. She’s calling for the teacher to be fired and the Greenville Public School District says it is aggressively investigating the incident. Police are also reportedly investigating.

I usually do not talk like this in public, but after watching this again, this would be justification to spend a few nights in jail protecting my child from this abuse. Imagine what happens in all the special needs classrooms that do not have video cameras.

I do not support big brother, but in this case, video cameras are a good thing. Charges should be filed. I hope she doesn’t have children of her own. I haven’t shown this video to my wife yet, but she really wouldn’t take it well.

What do you think should happen to this teacher? Should she ever be allowed to step inside of a classroom again? Arrested and charged? Share your comments below and add this to your Twitter and Facebook timeline for reaction and discussion.

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