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This Could Spell Defeat for Hillary and Moderate Democrats! Are You Excited, Republicans?


In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the presumptive Democratic nomination for President. Along came Barack Obama and soon, the former First Lady’s campaign imploded. This time around, there was hope from her camp that this time around would be different, that nobody would dare take on the Clinton dynasty. Indeed, few serious candidates have, though Vice President Joe Biden and a Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, have each opened their own campaigns. Neither seemed like a threat, until now.

At the end of the fundraising quarter, Real Clear Politics reported on Clinton’s haul,

Hillary Clinton raised 41 percent less in total contributions for her primary campaign in the past three months than the $47.5 million she raked in after launching her White House bid. The gulf, while not unexpected, suggests that donors have been attuned to the Democratic frontrunner’s email controversy, dipping poll numbers, spirited competition from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and the potential that Vice President Joe Biden could enter the race.

Clinton’s fundraising numbers barely overshadowed Bernie Sanders’ this quarter, $28m for Hillary and $25.7m for Sanders. Sanders is seen as extraordinarily liberal, a socialist unable to win a general election, even if somehow he were able to pull off primary victories. The fact that he now closely shadows Clinton in fundraising, and thus in enthusiasm, should strike fear into the hearts of moderate Democrats… and glee in that of Republicans.


Comments on “This Could Spell Defeat for Hillary and Moderate Democrats! Are You Excited, Republicans?”

  1. Brandon says:

    The Democrats will probably win the general election because they have millions of illegal aliens ready to vote again. If a Democrat wins I would much rather it be Hillary or some other centrist Democrat, not some Marxist like Bernie Sanders. Sanders would totally fundamentally transform this country into something more similar to the former Soviet Union or Cuba. That is why I stopped being completely anti-Hillary when Sanders first announced he was running.