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Spice Girls Reunion Was On Schedule Until This Happened! Everyone Is SHOCKED!

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From The Daily Mail:

Spice Girls fans dreaming of a reunion of their favourite group are to have their hopes dashed after Mel C has reportedly ruled out a return.

Three of the pop stars – Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton – had offered to wait 12 months before staging a comeback, but are said to have been rebuffed by Melanie Chisholm.

It had been expected the group would mount am imminent return for their 20th anniversary and a number of hints had been dropped by some of the girls.

Victoria Beckham has already declined to work with her former group – which propelled her to fame in the 1990s – but it was hoped the remaining four could regroup.

Earlier in the year a source close to the Liverpudlian singer told The Sun it was unlikely she would rejoin the group.

‘Mel C is out of the reunion for now. She has essentially left the band to focus on a more serious music career,’ he said.

‘She loves the girls, but it just didn’t feel right for her to reunite with them at the moment.’

Her rep previously said: ‘Victoria has been very respectful about the fabulous time they had together in the past. However, her focus is now very much her family and fashion business.’

The Spice Girls didn’t hit their mark in my world until after I went into the military but their brand of individualism and style caught my eye along with their songs. It was almost like they were rushed on stage at a period they excelled and made “Girl Power” a household term.

It looks as if they were looking to have a reunion to mark their 20th anniversary which I probably wouldn’t have attended but for those “super fans, ” it would have been great. But we do live in the real world, and things do not always go the way you write them up or plan for them, so the reunion concert is going to be cancelled after weeks of speculation.

In reading more about this situation, according to People, Beckham had her microphone turned off during live shows while she lip-synced the songs. Now that’s a huge bombshell to many to hear that.

It’s a possibility the group will get back together with just four but their fan base will have to wait a lot longer and pray they are able to see the girls come back for at least one more concert.

Were you a Spice Girl fan when you were growing up? Share your favorite song below in the comment section and let us know what you think.

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h/t – People