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If You Spot a Tennis Ball on the Ground, DO NOT Touch It.

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How many times have you taken a walk and noticed a dirty, abandoned tennis ball in the grass? Ordinarily, this would be of no concern to the average person or pet owner, but a chilling message has been issued and word is traveling fast.

When you see an abandoned tennis ball, most people don’t think twice about it. Perhaps there’s a tennis court nearby or maybe a dog owner was playing fetch with their best friend. Whatever the case, in Washington state, seeing a tennis ball out in nature may actually be a sign of something far worse.

The police department in Kent, Washington are warning dog owners, to be EXTREMELY cautious should they see a tennis ball outside. And here’s why — people are making fireworks out of them!

Rather than buying or lighting traditional fireworks, they’re putting them in tennis balls! For the balls that don’t explode, these people are just leaving them in nature, just waiting to blow someone’s limbs off.

Apparently, the explosive tennis balls may have duct tape wrapped around it and can even have a fuse sticking out. This is helpful for those who have dogs who are naturally curious. If you do spot one, cops urge dog owners and other pedestrians to call 911.

While this could just be relegated to Washington state, it should be a fair warning to everyone across the country.

This has happened before, in Portland. In 2000, a dog had to be put down because one of these tennis balls exploded in his mouth. Since dogs use their mouths as humans use hands, it’s extremely dangerous for them to even approach one.

Even if you see a tennis ball that looks burnt, police advise people NOT to touch it. There’s no need to pick it up yourself and try to dispose of it, as this can only cause more trouble. Keep your dogs on their leashes when you go out and make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

H/T LastBite

I am so thankful to know this. Thinking of a child or beloved pet being the victim of this horrific situation makes me feel ill.

This is SCARY and needs to be shared EVERYWHERE!