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Watch: Sprint Just Pulled THIS Ad Because People Got Offended!

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This Sprint commercial was classless, but racist?

Well, I suppose when radically liberal progressive socialist Democrats insist that the only people who live in ghettos are all made up of one race, then I can see why they would ironically believe it is racist.

I will have to admit the woman who said “ghetto” knew what she was saying was questionable, as she initially paused before saying it, and they felt the need to explain it afterwards. Sprint knew full well what they were saying when they cut the spot. They want people to think choosing T-Mobile is some low-class decision.

Companies need to stop apologizing for this crap. Just tell people to get over it. This person saying T-Mobile is Ghetto is not affecting anyone in a significant way. Just get over it, people.

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From NY Daily News:

Sprint gave off a really bad signal in its latest tone-deaf ad.

The distasteful clip features Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure in a room having a fancy lunch, perched above a skating rink. He asks the room what they thought when they heard the word “T-Mobile.”

“Oh my God, the first word that came to my head was ‘ghetto,’” a white woman sitting next to Claure answers. “That sounds like, terrible.”

She continues mocking the competitor’s carrier as the room bursts into laughter over her “ghetto” gaffe.

The video was a part of Sprint’s “Listening Tour,” advertised as a focus group with “actual Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon & AT&T customers.”

The Sprint CEO remained tone-deaf on the phrase as he tweeted out the clip, writing, “Sometimes the truth hurts, @TMobile.”

Sprint’s insensitive commercial sent a flurry of angry responses, causing a social media backlash.

Check out this video here:



I guess, our liberal social engineers are going to lobby to remove the word “ghetto” from the English dictionary for good. Funny, but American English has fewer and fewer words to communicate with. I say we just leave the three words: the “Oh”, the “Ah” and the “Nah.” Although, I think that the “Nah” might be offensive to certain groups of people, so, screw the “Nah”, just leave the first two words.

Now watch this:

Did you think the ad was racist? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think about it!