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Stabbing Victim Receives Huge Surprise From First Responder!


In January 2012, Melissa Dohme was attacked by an ex-boyfriend and stabbed 32 times, according to media reports. First Responder Cameron Hill was one of the first on the scene who discovered the 20-year-old covered in blood on the sidewalk.

“I remember there were tons of police officers, ambulance and fire rescue. Everyone was there all at once,” Dohme told Fox 13.

From Fox 13:

It’s not the way most love stories begin. “Four years ago, I survived an attempted murder case at the hands of my ex-boyfriend. I was stabbed 32 times,” said Melissa Dohme

“I remember there were tons of police officers, ambulance, and fire rescue. Everyone was there all at once,” explained Melissa.

One of those first responders was Cameron, a firefighter called to the scene to help save Melissa.

“I think it’s fate. He doesn’t know what it’s called. But it’s fate,” Melissa continued. And it’s fate that reunited them 10 months later, when Melissa shared her story for the first time and Cameron was in the crowd.

“I was just overwhelmed with joy and feeling so blessed to meet them and say thank you,” said Melissa.

“I was just in awe of how far she’d come,” said Cameron Hill. So he invited her to the firehouse for dinner with the rest of the crew

“I was extremely giddy because I was having dinner with all the men who saved my life,” Melissa recalled.

And the more they talked, the more she realized she was falling for her hero. “The more I learned about Cameron, the more I realized that we have so much in common. And this feeling that I was feeling was not just because he was someone who had saved me,” said Melissa. “I really had feelings for this man.



The couple is set to be married March 5, 2017.

Sources: Fox 13, Tampa Bay Times

These things are never planned but we are happy the first responder was there to do his job and he got the girl. This was almost like a movie ending. What do you think? Share your thoughts in our comment section below. Don’t forget to share this wonderful story on your social media timeline.