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Standing with Jesus Ruined Their Business — Now They’re BACK!


Unless you’re from Mars, you’ve heard about the recent uproar over Indiana’s religious liberty law. But the truth is, Christians have been persecuted by governments across the country for much longer.

Take Betty and Dick Odgaard of Grimes, Iowa. In 2013, they refused to perform a gay wedding at their business, which holds wedding ceremonies and sells lunch and flowers.

Their simple refusal to perform a ceremony they believe is immoral has devastated their business. The state of Iowa charged them with “discrimination.” They had to stop performing all weddings, for fear of another incident. That cost them most of their revenue.

Worse, this devout couple was subjected to outrageous abuse. You can find more over at TheBlaze, but be warned: it’s graphic. The Odgaards both battled depression and sadness over the loss of their business as well as the torment they received.

But now, they’re back. They decided to launch God’s Original Design Ministry, a federally recognized educational non-profit. And it’s given the Odgaards a new found strength, which they say comes directly from God!

“I feel like God has just put a sense of no fear in us. He wins in the end, so what are we afraid of?” Betty said. “And we would like for other Christians to feel the same way, because what are we afraid of, really?”

The Ministry will be used to promote Christian values — the Odgaards already plan to put up billboards in defense of marriage. The Ministry has a website you can view here.

What do you think? Do you think more Christians should stand and fight?


Comments on “Standing with Jesus Ruined Their Business — Now They’re BACK!”

  1. Shawn says:

    Good for you..