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Stephen Colbert Perfectly Immitates Rachel Maddow’s “Exposé” of Trump’s Tax Returns

Rachel Maddow’s attempted “exposé” of Donald Trump’s taxes was such a spectacular failure that even liberals have joined in the chorus of mockery.

After tweeting that she had Trump’s tax returns in her possession Tuesday night, the internet went berserk. With speculation ahead of her show, liberals were ready to see Trump exposed once and for all. It was a “special” episode of the show, so the stage was set for something explosive.

And then nothing happened.  She rambled about Russian conspiracy theories for a half hour, often going to break after leaving on a cliffhanger. When she finally got to the tax returns (that were from 2005), the White House had already released a statement revealing what was in them – that Trump paid $38 million in taxes. Hardly the exposé liberals were hoping for.

It was one big nothingburger, and the night after on his show, Stephen Colbert did his own Maddow impression that couldn’t have been any more accurate.

The only difference is that there was more factual content in that comedic skit than Maddow’s entire episode!

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