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Steven Spielberg Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL About Indiana Jones!

Indiana Jones

Stephen Spielberg is a clever man! He said:”Harrison Ford doesn’t die” Notice the Harrison Ford part? I am smart like that so take it for what it’s worth.

Many people are happy that Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Indiana Jones in the next Spielberg movie then again some are not happy. I can see both sides.

Hollywood really won’t be happy until they’ve ruined every classic film, franchise, song and TV series of the past. If they want to “introduce a new generation” to such classics as is usually the excuse (other than the real one, a fast buck), then why don’t they just re-release the originals in the cinema to a big anniversary fanfare and we can go and enjoy them and take the new generation with us.

We can tell them about movie making, and how they came up with such original ideas. How they made massive film sets and props and practical effects and make up and creature design and shooting on location!! Not standing in front of a green screen, running away from nothing and adding in everything post production with a computer.

Indiana Jones

From Daily Mail:

Star Wars fans were left heartbroken when Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, was killed off in The Force Awakens.

However, fans of Harrison can rejoice as Steven Spielberg has revealed that he won’t be ending the life of his other famous screen character in the upcoming Indiana Jones film.

The fifth Indiana Jones movie, which will be written by Philip Kaufman and David Koepp, is due to come out the summer of 2019.

As of yet no plot has been released. nor any contributing actors.

Spielberg is excited about the new movie in the franchise he and Harrison have been involved in for over 35 years. ‘I think this one is straight down the pike for the fans,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter.

He won’t give away any spoilers or plot details, except that: ‘The one thing I will tell you is I’m not killing off Harrison [Ford] at the end of it.’

With Indiana Jones not airing until 2019 Spielberg has many other projects to focus on.

The highly anticipated BFG, which he produced, opens July 1st.

Shockingly, it’s his first movie for the Walt Disney label: ‘I have directed films for every studio in Hollywood except for Walt Disney — until now,’ he said.

Apparently Disney has played a huge part in Spielberg’s life: ‘Disney was truly, when I was a kid, my singular inspiration and also the source of most of my nightmares.’

People will hate this film no matter what because it isn’t part of the original trilogy and because it didn’t come out in the 80’s. People are going to say that it isn’t Indiana Jones if it isn’t made in the 80’s.

If you want my input, let him retire and the franchise with him, fight to the point where it is so sealed tight that no remakes can be made, then let someone be creative and make a new franchise.

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