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STOLEN VALOR! Man Wearing Military Uniform Caught Picking up Girls, Watch What Happens Next

As a former military service member, witnessing incidents like this definitely bring up anger since the perpetrator is committing a fraud.

A tense altercation that almost broke out into a fight was caught on camera when a man wearing an Army uniform at a bar was accused of pretending to be a member of the military by Eric Coins, who recorded the incident.

The identity or image of the alleged con-artist could not be shown because it has yet to be confirmed that the man was in fact not a member of the U.S. Military. However, the confrontation could easily be heard. “You know it’s a federal offense, right?” said one man in the video.

DISCLAIMER: Videos do include explicit language, vulgarity.

Watch the incident here:

“Where is your name badge?” asked the young man in the video.

“You wanna see mine? In my car? Wanna see my name?” responded the man in uniform, clearly becoming indignant to the questioning.

“Are you a cop?” asked the allegedly fake veteran. “You know it’s a federal offense what you’re doing right now?” said the young man.

Since being posted, the video has been viewed approximately 75,000 times in just two days. Coins is not in the military, but his friend is. Both said the way the man was dressed and his actions that night did not add up. Also, both said if the man truly was a member of the military, he should not have been in full uniform. “Me and my buddy both, we looked at each other like there’s no way we’re letting this guy leave without calling him out,” said Coins.

As the video continues, a brawl nearly ensues before someone was able to separate the man from Coins’ friend.

Impersonating a serviceman in any of our armed forces should be an arrestable offense. End of story.  It shouldn’t matter what the intentions are.

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