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Straight Facts: The Video to End All Conversation about Successful Gun Control!


It isn’t hard to find a leftist politician calling for gun control, but it is hard to find a leftist politician who can point to a case where gun control worked. When CNN host Piers Morgan used to be on the air, he would cite his home country, the United Kingdom, as an example of a gun control success story. But as a new video released by We Are Capitalists shows, the UK isn’t the gun control success story many think it is. In fact, it shows just how badly gun control fails:

To summarize the key points:

  • Statistics confirm that gun-related homicides did NOT decline after the U.K. handgun ban. The average number of firearm offenses in the ’97 to 2011 period was 31% higher than in the 1990 to ’96 period.People intent on murder find other ways to kill. In England and Wales, for instance, homicide-by-stabbing rates are 5 times higher than gun-related homicide rates.

    When looking at TOTAL homicide rates, we see they, too, did NOT improve after the gun ban.

    As for overall crime, sourcing the U.N., the U.K. has one of the highest per capita crime rates in the world.

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  2. Roger says:

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  3. Vicvod says:

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