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Strong Man Shows Off His NO Tolerance Policy For Illegal Car Parking [VIRAL VIDEO]

In America, biking is really more of a recreational sport for exercise or enjoyment.

When travelling, we mostly use cars. Elsewhere in the world, biking is a simple, healthy, and affordable way to get around town. As a result, many large international cities have bike lanes on the roads.

In São Paulo, Brazil, one self-serving driver chose to park their car in the bike lane. This guy clearly didn’t approve and decided to take things into his own hands …  He literally picked the car up and moved it out of the way as bikers and bystanders cheer.

You have to check out this clip – no wonder it’s gone viral!

Don’t you agree that it should be a standard practice to follow the rules of the road and be courteous to others? Leave us a comment and show this video to your friends on Twitter & Facebook!

H/T – Joe Loreto